Many years later, when I talk to you again, I still have no hope. I can't express my true self, and I can't untie the shackles, I can't recall, and I don't want to break away. It's like planting a green lotus, growing in my heart, in my body, wandering, holding fast, or laughing, or seeing many illusory moments. All these are just unforgettable. All the words in my heart are pale and funny. I used to be helpless. For love, I forget and think about it. I think of the end that I have long known. I have also said that all the talents are my final wishes. I would like to think like this and think like this. In fact, I can't do anything. My feelings are slowly transferred to it. I can't tell it. I can't Description, can't find the right words to write a suitable me, I never know that I am such a persistent person, and I don't know that I'm a person who often lies. If I forget it, I just forget it in my heart. I think of it every time when I'm helpless, so I feel the power. Maybe I can say the last sentence with you and look at you. I don't know how others forget it One person, one person, isn't this the same feeling! Who knows what I'm doing every day and every moment, but I don't know how to write it. I feel the loneliness of the world and the powerless sadness when I'm alone. I always face everything with indifference, because it's not as important as you. Every time I write it, I put it in a private article In the file, maybe you can't see it when you write it. Seeing it just adds to your sorrow. Time can really fade away. Two years later, I think I can forget you, but you will appear again inadvertently. Until one afternoon, I saw a red wall shining at dusk. I don't know why I felt so much. At that time, I thought for the first time that as long as you can be happy, I will! But in the face of you, I still can't be myself, in, I, I feel at a loss again, and I feel the first time when you and I, I feel that I have never experienced people, in the thought, you are the only one in me, such a precious youth, if I don't have you, will I be a complete person? Maybe it's a right choice. The funny thing is that I can't be happy myself, and I'm still thinking about whether you will be happy, but I'm very, I don't want to give up. Time has already given up and discarded, which makes people only have to choose slowly.